Beth Reiber

1235 Kentucky St., Lawrence KS 66044 USA


785-550-9765 Cell


3 Responses to Contacts

  1. It’s 4 in the morning and I’ve got to get some sleep. Instead I’ve found your website.
    Terrific job and fun site, especially for an office chair traveler.

  2. Kevin Sullivan says:

    Small world, Beth. I grew up as a Sullivan from 801 Illinois St., Lawrence, went to Pinckney/West/LHS, Emporia, KU Law, and now live in Hiratsuka Japan between Tokyo and Mt. Fuji as a Shonan boy, doing a bit on occasion with the Lawrence-Hiratsuka Sister City program. Next time in Japan, give me a call at 090-9829-9653. You may know a few of my sisters, Lauren, Genie, and Martha. I recall a Kirsten, vaguely. Enjoy.

    • Beth Reiber says:

      Hmm, I grew up nearby, at 1001 Alabama St. I can’t remember any sisters you mention, but that doesn’t mean anything (how memory fades…). I am presently in Tokyo updating Frommer’s Tokyo but leaving on Friday. Are you working as a lawyer in Japan? Both my sons did the Hiratsuka exchange (the first in 2007 and the other in 2009), and I was on the Sister Cities Board for many years. Good to hear from you! And yes, my sister Kristin is now an architect living near San Diego. Beth

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