Interviewed by the Japan National Tourism Organization on youTube

I’ve been in Tokyo five days. The most noticeable change occurred right when I landed at Narita airport. The plane was full, but only a handful of people got off the plane and the rest flew onwards to Vietnam. I have never seen Narita so empty.

Otherwise, not many changes. Everything is running normally, with the exceptions that many establishments that deal with foreigners are keeping shorter hours because they don’t have enough customers, some restaurants have lowered the prices of their set meals, and lights are dimmed. Many businesses that depend on foreigners are suffering. I don’t think I’ve seen so few foreigners since I first arrived in the mid-80s.

The Japan National Tourism Organization interviewed me for their site. I came right after Justin Bieber! You can see me at this link to YouTube


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  1. Hallo grand post.
    I like it 4 real! informed about your 😎 feed. On-going Justin Bieber monitoring for free!!! i definitely like it!

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