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Adachi Museum

Want to go to Japan? Enter the Japan National Tourism Organization’s offering of a free trip for two people to one of three destinations in Japan–your choice. Called Japan: Discover the Land of the Gods Sweepstakes, it centers on three destinations: Dogo Island of Shimane Prefecture’s Oki Island chain; Izumo, also in Shimane Prefecture; and Hiroshima. I know all about them, because I wrote all the descriptions for each of the destinations for the sweepstakes. You have until March 10 to apply.

Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima is a World Heritage Site

I just spent a few days in Hiroshima Prefecture, and I have to say that Miyajima is one of my favorite places in Japan. Because its Itsukushima Shrine is a World Heritage Site, the small island is hardly undiscovered, and yet there are hiking paths that allowed me to be completely on my own yesterday, making it pretty much one of those perfect days. And the oysters! They’re among the largest and juiciest I’ve ever had.

But Izumo is also one of my favorite places, not the least because it’s home to the Adachi Museum, which stunningly blends art and a traditional Japanese garden into one of the most mind-blowing museums anywhere. And the Oki Islands? It’s off the beaten path, with shrines and natural wonders that will certainly place it someday on the international radar.

So act now. Enter at Japan: Discover the Land of the Gods Sweepstakes




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