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Branson on New York Times Top 2018 Destinations

Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail

Whenever people ask what places I write about, I always enjoy answering Japan, Hong Kong, Macau–and Branson! I know Branson is a hard sell, but there’s a reason the New York Times list of top 52 places to go in 2018 put this Ozarks destination as number 21. And I’ll bet that if I could personally take the most dedicated naysayer to some of my favorite places, we would have a great time.

Among the many things to see, top on my list is the Ralph

Ralph Foster Museum

Foster Museum, with one of the most eclectic and amazing collections you’ll see anywhere, from Indian artifacts, historic and rare firearms, quilts, Meerschaum pipes, furniture, farm implements, tributes to music personalities–and even the truck used in the Beverly Hillbillies is here.

One of the newest destinations is Top of the Rock, which boasts the Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum and–I love this–the Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail, which lets you drive your own golf cart through some of the Ozarks’ most beautiful countryside. This is a hoot–I

Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum

can’t imagine anyone not having fun here.

To see for yourself whether Branson has something for you, see my itinerary for Branson Off the Beaten Track or any of my four other suggested itineraries.

Branson Off the Beaten Path

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Christmas in Branson

Christmas is huge in Branson. Every year the entire town becomes a winter wonderland, complete with special holiday shows in all its theaters, an annual parade celebrating the birth of Christ and lighting displays that range from drive-throughs in your own car to dazzling decorations at attractions like Silver Dollar City. Add shopping at outlet malls, craft stores and antique shops, and it’s easy to see why the end of the year is one of Branson’s most popular seasons. Frankly, I find Branson a trip any time of the year, but Christmas in Branson brings it up a notch, kind of like when Dorothy opens to doors to Oz and everything bursts into color.

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Branson is Great for Families

Branson is great for families. When my boys were young, they loved going to Branson. What kid wouldn’t? Silver Dollar City, of course, is the big name in town, but they also couldn’t wait to drive their own go-carts back in the days before they had licenses, thrilled to the rush of water slides at White Water, enjoyed splashing into Table Rock Lake on a Ride the Ducks tour and even laughed themselves silly at the corny jokes that are often integral to Branson’s many shows. Branson for families is a no-brainer.

Having recently visited Branson–this time with my parents and 99-year-old aunt in tow–I also saw that it’s a also great vacation spot for multi-generational families.

I’ve written five itineraries on Branson for Bindutrips, including this one on Branson for families.

Branson for Families

Visit my other itineraries for more information on what to do and see.


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Branson During the Holiday Season

Now that the heat of summer is at full force, it’s time to start planning a winter getaway. Branson really revs it up over the holiday season, with special shows, Christmas lights and extra holiday cheer from November to Christmas. A short list of what to see and do is provided in this article I wrote, called Things to Do in Branson, Missouri in December, for azcentral. But for a more exhaustive list of where to stay, eat and shop, plus what to do, spend a few bucks on my Branson app, Branson & Beyond Traveler.

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Branson App featured in Branson Tri-Lakes News

My Branson app, Branson & Beyond Traveler, was featured in an article in the Branson Tri-Lakes News. There aren’t any other apps out there on Branson that are written by an independent author (the others are from specific resorts or organizations pushing specific products). Here’s the link:

Branson Tri-Lake News


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Branson App–Branson & Beyond Traveler–is Out!

My iTunes app on Branson is finally out, and to my surprise, it’s selling better than my Hong Kong app! Of course, that may be because there are literally hundreds of apps already out on Hong Kong, but my Branson & Beyond Traveler app is one of only a handful, and the only one that isn’t tied to a specific corporation or business trying to sell their resort, show or other property. I’d had my doubts about Branson, for the simple reason that some of the people I talked to there didn’t know what an app was, and many of the visitors (many of whom are elderly) didn’t look like they used a cellphone, much less an iPhone or iPad. But the demographics of Branson’s visitors is changing, with more and more families and couples finding it an affordable and easy escape. In fact, the first time I went to Branson on assignment in the 1990s and was asked whether I wanted to see any shows, my answer was “Hell, no!” But Branson has changed a lot since then, and so have I. It’s no longer a country music destination for retirees. There’s comedy, magic acts, acrobatics, hits of yesteryear, impersonations, and family entertainment. A bonus: the Ozarks countryside.

My Branson app covers a wide spectrum of lodging, dining, entertainment and attraction options, from camping to resort living, cheap eats to fine dining,  unique museums to Silver Dollar City. Jack Graham took most of the photographs; they really add to the experience. It was a fun app to write, and it’s great having a work destination so close to home rather than on the other side of the world.

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