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Christmas in Branson

Christmas is huge in Branson. Every year the entire town becomes a winter wonderland, complete with special holiday shows in all its theaters, an annual parade celebrating the birth of Christ and lighting displays that range from drive-throughs in your own car to dazzling decorations at attractions like Silver Dollar City. Add shopping at outlet malls, craft stores and antique shops, and it’s easy to see why the end of the year is one of Branson’s most popular seasons. Frankly, I find Branson a trip any time of the year, but Christmas in Branson brings it up a notch, kind of like when Dorothy opens to doors to Oz and everything bursts into color.

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Branson During the Holiday Season

Now that the heat of summer is at full force, it’s time to start planning a winter getaway. Branson really revs it up over the holiday season, with special shows, Christmas lights and extra holiday cheer from November to Christmas. A short list of what to see and do is provided in this article I wrote, called Things to Do in Branson, Missouri in December, for azcentral. But for a more exhaustive list of where to stay, eat and shop, plus what to do, spend a few bucks on my Branson app, Branson & Beyond Traveler.

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